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Finding a reliable termite treatment plan can be risky since your home is at risk.  Watch this video to see how our Sentricon system works so you can rest assure that Atlas Termite & Pest Control is the right company for all of your termite issues.

Famous Landmarks Using Our Sentricon Termite Treatment System

In 1999 termites colonized inside of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  As soon as termites were discovered, the city decided to do something about it and cease any termite issues moving forward.  Sentricon was installed around the perimeter that same year and soon after the termite colonies were eliminated never to return.  If Sentricon is trusted to protect these famous landmarks, imagine how effective it will be at your property.
In 1996 the Statue of Liberty had to close down part of the tour because the termite infestation was so bad people were getting swarmed with termites and it was unsafe.  Termites were eating away at Lady Liberty for years without anyone knowing it.  Towards the end of 1996 Sentricon was installed around the perimeter of the Statue of Liberty and ever since there hasn't been a single termite found eating away at the structure of Lady Liberty.  Sentricon is what saved the Statue and continues to keep termites at bay.
Can you imagine terrorists sneaking into the White House and taking over the US government?  Probably not so when termites snuck in to the White House they knew something had to be done.  That is when Sentricon termite treatment was called in.  Now the White House has been termite free ever since using the same system we use on your property.

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