termiticide/insecticide has firmly established itself as America’s #1 termite defense. Nothing works better or delivers more reliable termite protection.

An Enhanced Protection Zone

As a Certified Sentricon Specialist®, we first inspect your property and place bait stations accordingly.  Sentricon® is actually 10 times more desirable to termites than wood and once ingested, the active ingredient called noviflumuron goes to work and stops the termites from maturing past the molting stage.


Elimination and Protection

Professional Ant Control Service

Reduced Disruption, Digging and Drilling Around the Home

Sentricon® reduces the need for much of the disruption, digging, and drilling typically required with a liquid termiticide application, resulting in:

77% smaller trenches around your home

One-third less drilling around your home

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Because it uses less water and requires less drilling and equipment use than other liquid termiticides, Sentricon® can leave a much smaller environmental footprint. The reduction in water use, fuel use and vehicle exhaust emissions can really add up when you consider that nearly one million termite applications are performed each year.

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So Advanced it’s in a Class by Itself

Sentricon® represents the latest innovation in the termite control industry. No other termiticide in existence has been awarded the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award for superior environmentally responsible chemistry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sentricon®

Sentricon is a brand of termite baiting system designed to eliminate subterranean termite colonies by using a slow-acting insecticide. The system includes bait stations strategically placed around the perimeter of a property.

Sentricon works by enticing foraging termites with bait that contains an insect growth inhibitor. Termites feed on this bait and share it within the colony, leading to the gradual decline and eventual collapse of the colony as reproduction is halted.

Yes, Sentricon is considered environmentally friendly because it specifically targets termites with minimal use of chemicals compared to traditional liquid barrier treatments, reducing the environmental impact.

Yes, when properly installed and maintained, Sentricon can completely eliminate entire termite colonies, including the queen, which prevents further reproduction and re-infestation.

Maintenance and inspection frequency may vary depending on factors such as climate and level of termite activity but typically occur annually or semi-annually. Regular monitoring by pest control professionals ensures that any new termite activity is promptly addressed.