5 Habits That Help Prevent Cockroach Infestations

5 Habits That Help Prevent Cockroach Infestations

Cockroaches aren’t just a disturbing addition to your home, but ones that leave filth and allergens behind. What’s more is that cockroaches are virtually impossible to get rid of once an infestation is underway, which is why prevention is key in this case. Whether you’re the proud owner of a small Oklahoma condo or a single-family home, working and developing smart habits may mean the difference between a costly infestation or a clean home.

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Cockroach infestation prevention starts with these five very simple ideas:

1. Eliminate Potential Food Sources

Roaches hang around because they can get free food from your home. Whether it’s an abandoned slice of pizza or spilled trash outdoors, it is the very first attraction for roaches of all varieties. Eliminating food sources may seem like a hard thankless task, but working to develop these cleaning habits can cut roaches off from your home. Make sure you limit your food consumption to only one area of your home, wipe kitchen cabinets inside and out, and vacuum at least every two days.

2. Get Rid Of Hiding Spots

Roaches like to get away from daylight and they hide away in small cracks or crevices until it becomes time to strike. Sealing off cracks or places that they can enter in your home is a great way to prevent infestations. Use tape as well as caulk to seal off small entry spots near your doors and windows.

3. Landscape With Roaches In Mind

Cockroaches are very similar to termites in that they like dark and humid spots to thrive. Keep your shrubbery trimmed and at least a foot away from your property. Eliminate debris from your yard on a regular basis, and do not stack firewood near your home as roaches find it inviting.

4. Use Insecticide

Some homeowners may frown upon the idea of using residual insecticide, but why let a problem become worse when you can help prevent or contain it? Spraying the exterior of your home every couple of months is a great way to ensure that roaches don’t camp in your yard. It is advisable to hire a pest control company to do this for you as they can offer plenty of safe options for your family.

5. Clean Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are the perfect place for roaches to hide. They are dark and often contain traces of dry food remains. This is devastating for homeowners, but if you get into the habit of wiping and cleaning your appliances on a regular basis, roaches will no longer enjoy the scenery. They don’t wish to be disturbed and they don’t like clean places, therefore, cleaning is the only way to win against them.

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Cockroaches are notoriously hard to get rid of, and an infestation means unwelcome visitors for a long time. Not only are roaches disgusting, but they leave feces and allergens in their wake. Keep your family safe and ensure that your home is free of these uninvited guests with these simple lifestyle habits or contact us below to get immediate help with your OKC cockroach problem.

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